The Face of an Angel Foundation

A Not for Profit organization with tax-exempt status recognition under IRS code section 501(c)(3)


The Face of an Angel Foundation was established in 2008 to help realize the potential of street children in India.

Our Vision

Any child who is, either by birth or unfortunate circumstances, homeless or destitute in India is provided with food, shelter and the developmental opportunities to become a productive member of society.

Our Mission

The foundation endeavors to function as a trusted partner for organizations working with street children in India who are committed to promoting the rights, development and protection of these children.   The Face of an Angel Foundation  will coordinate and support these organizations in conducting research, creating practical tools and systems, sharing best practices, financial support and advocating on behalf of street children at local, national and international levels to raise awareness, global support and opportunities for them.

Keys to Success

The key success factors lie in the identification of existing high potential and impact street children’s organizations in India and providing them with the financial, process and operational support to optimize their effectiveness and reach within the street children communities in India.

The metrics by which we will measure our success on an annual basis will be as follows:

1.      Number of children positively impacted by educational opportunities, living condition improvement, therapy programs, etc. supported by the foundation.

2.      Foundation cost (in US dollars) per child impacted.

3.      Drop-out rate for children from Foundation supported (financial, operational, process) programs.

The work of the foundation is completely supported by volunteers.  We are always grateful for help with website design and maintenance, book-keeping and administrative tasks.

If you would like to volunteer, please email us at

Important note for donors
: All contributions to the foundation will be distributed to receiving organizations per the stated vision and mission and the discretion of the Board of Directors.

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